Friday, 2 October 2009

So where are the Shanty Isles?

Above - the latest state-of-the-art interactive map of the Shanty Isles
Below - It's author, the famous St Osric the Inebriate, Patron Saint of the Shanty Isles

Interesting Factoid!
As patron saint of the Shanty Isles, Osric is revered across the Isles and his claims to fame are many and legendary.
He was the first(and only) person to translate the Bible into Old Shanto and also the first person to translate it immediately back into English,.
He also famously cast out all the mongooses from the Shanty Isles and then infamously welcomed in all the snakes that St Patrick had cast out of Ireland.
However, his most celebrated feat was the Miracle of Turning Wine into Water
Followers would bring him huge barrels of wine, ale, mead, or paint thinner and then marvel at the way he would disappear into his hermit cave for hours, sometimes days, on end and then finally emerge triumphant with the barrels filled to the brim with salty water.
He was martryed in the true Shanty way, stabbed with gannets and buried under the same medieval pit latrine that today serves as the official bathroom of the Shanty Parliament or Grunt

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